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Watermark Removal and Customization


This answer is obsolete and retained for historical reference only due to the August 2022 retirement of Doceri Desktop. It is no longer possible to purchase a Doceri Desktop license key.

When you purchase and register a Doceri Desktop license, the watermark is automatically removed from the projected image that is output by your computer. Customization and removal of the watermark from exported images, documents and screencasts is available through an in-app purchase.

First, select "Purchases" under the "Settings" menu to purchase Watermark Customization if you haven't already.


To remove the watermark, select "Drawings" under "Settings" and select "none". You will now be able to export your content without a watermark.


To use a custom watermark, first create the image in Doceri that you would like to use for a watermark. You may use inserted images, drawing strokes, or a combination of the two. Position the image exactly as you would like the watermark to appear. The saved watermark image will not include the background.


Select "Drawings" under "Settings". Tap and hold in the checkerboard image area to set your custom watermark image. After you see the custom watermark image in the checkerboard area, tap the "Custom" button to use our new watermark.


Your exported content will now show your custom watermark.

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