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How to access the Doceri training course

How do I access the training course for free if I already have a Doceri Desktop license?

You will need the following:

1. Access to the original email address you purchased the license with - this also applies to users who have purchased a site license.

2. Your Doceri Desktop license key - which you can obtain by logging into and clicking on My Account in the top right or, if you have registered the license, by opening Doceri Desktop, clicking on the Doceri Desktop hand icon in the taskbar, and select settings. Then go to the license tab to see your license key. This will not be displayed unless you have registered the software.

3. An account with Thinkific - you can create one by going to

Once you have access to the original Doceri email address you purchased the license with, your Thinkific account, and the Doceri Desktop license key, go to the Doceri training website.

Enter your email address and license key and a code will be emailed to you. Remember to check your spam folder as the code may end up there.

Once you have the code, login to your Thinkific account by going to

Click on the Buy button and then you will be able to enter your code to enroll in the training for free.

I just purchased the training for $30.00, where is my license key?

First, go to and create a new account. Make sure you use the same email address that you used to purchase the training when you signed up at

Once you have your account, send an email to stating the email address you purchased the license with and the order number so we can verify your purchase and send you a free Doceri Desktop license key.

If you have further issues, please create a support ticket.

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