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How to Register Doceri Desktop

When you purchase a license key for Doceri Desktop, you must register your copy with both the license key and the email address you used to purchase it. The trial version and the full version are one and the same, except you will see the watermark and receive pop-up messages until you register the software.

Please follow these steps to register:

  1. Launch Doceri Desktop on your computer in Admin mode (on a Windows machine, right click on the Doceri Desktop icon, and select "Run as administrator"). reg1
  2. Click on the Doceri hand icon in your menu bar (upper right task bar on a Mac; lower right system tray on a Windows machine) and select "Settings…" reg2
  3. Go to the "License" tab and type or copy and paste your license key in the license key field (paste using CTRL V command - a right-click and paste will not work). You should see a green circle with a check mark, and "Valid key." Note that if you do not copy and paste but type in the license key, as you are typing the license key in this field it will say "Invalid key" until you type in the complete license key. reg3
  4. Press "Register Computer."
  5. Enter the email address that was used to purchase the license key in the box that pops up, and press "Register Now." You should see a green circle with a check mark in it, and, "You are fully registered." reg4
  6. Press "Done" then hit "OK" to dismiss the settings dialog box.
If you have forgotten your license key, you can always find it by logging in to and going to your Account page. If you have forgotten your password, please submit a support request with subject, "Reset Password for" and include your account email address.

Problems Registering?

If you are experiencing problems registering, please submit a support request detailing the problem and the error message you are receiving.

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