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Doceri Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Doceri Desktop license key?

Doceri Desktop has been retired as of August 2022. It is no longer possible to purchase a new Doceri Desktop license key.

Do I need Java installed on my computer in order to use Doceri?

Yes. Doceri Desktop is programmed in Java and is required in order to run it on both Mac and PC. You can download the latest version for both Mac OSX Lion or better and PC by navigating to the Java website. For Mac OSX Snow Leopard users, you can download the latest version of Java here. All Mac users with Lion or better installed on their computer can also download Java directly from Apple here.

The Java plugin for web browsers, the primary source for Java related security flaws, is not required for Doceri Desktop to run normally. You can disable it from your respective browsers plug-in or add-in menus at any time and Doceri will operate normally regardless.

Is Doceri available on Chromebook?

Google has chosen not to include support for Java in Chrome OS and, as indicated in the previous question, Java is required to run Doceri. Therefore, we are unable to provide version of Doceri for Chromebook.

Is there an Android version available?

There is no available version of the Doceri app for Android at this time. When we have more information regarding an Android version, we will make it available on our website

How do I use Doceri with Airplay/AppleTV?

Airplay Mirroring is built into the operating system of your iPad 2 or better. To learn how to enable Airplay Mirroring just take a look at this article from Apple: Apple TV: How to use AirPlay. Once Airplay mirroring is enabled, you will see your Doceri drawings on the Airplay device. Unfortunately the original iPad 1 does not support mirroring.

Can Doceri control and/or display other iPad apps?

Doceri can only display content created within Doceri or images from other applications imported by Doceri or pasted directly into a Doceri project. Due to limitations in iOS, it is not possible for Doceri to control other iPad apps. Only one iPad app can be open and active on the iPad at a time.

What's the difference between Doceri and Doceri Desktop?

Doceri is the app available for your Windows 8.1+ tablet or for your iPad. This is the primary software that allows you to annotate and such on your respective tablet using your tablet's touch controls.

Doceri Desktop is the application that you install on your Mac or Windows desktop computer. This application creates a server that the Doceri app can connect to in order to allow you to remotely control your computer from your tablet.

Note: Windows tablets allow users to install standard desktop applications. In other words, it is possible to install Doceri Desktop on a Windows tablet along with the standard Doceri app. However, you cannot login through Doceri Desktop installed on your tablet with Doceri running on the same tablet. Doceri Desktop must be running on a different device, such as another tablet or another computer/laptop, in order to establish a connection and control it.

I already purchased a license key. Now that Doceri Desktop 2.0 is released, do I have to buy a new license key?

No, your license key should automatically transfer to Doceri 2.0 when you upgrade. If it does not automatically transfer, please submit a support ticket and we will fix it for you.

How long does the Doceri license key last, and are there any subscription fees?

Your Doceri Desktop license key is a perpetual license and never expires, nor are there any subscription fees associated with this software.

I paid for a license key, but I still see a Doceri watermark on my PDFs and videos. Why?

If you paid for a license for Doceri Desktop, it does not also remove the watermark on the Doceri iPad app that shows up on PDFs, movies, and still images. Removing that watermark requires a separate purchase. We wanted to allow anyone who buys Doceri Desktop to have full access on the iPad as well, but Apple's iTunes Store rules prevent any mechanism other than the App Store to unlock functionality in apps. You will have to purchase the watermark removal through the Purchases menu in Doceri's settings.

Can I have different backgrounds for different slides?

Yes—Doceri 2.0 offers the ability to change the background on any slide. Just insert a clear screen by either hitting the next slide button when you are at the end of your drawing OR open the timeline and use the button that looks like a white lollipop to insert a slide anywhere. Then tap the "backgrounds" tool and select among many background options.

How do I use the Lasso Tool to select objects?

To activate the lasso tool, just press and hold on the drawing for one second. Then start dragging your finger around the strokes that you want to select. Any stroke that touches the lassoed area is part of the selection. The lasso tool never selects images - only strokes.

The lasso tool keeps coming up when I don't want it to.

The lasso tool is activated when you press and hold for one second without moving your finger very much. If you find that it appearing when you don't want it to, just make sure you start moving your finger before the 1 second time expires. With a little practice, you should find it quite natural.

Can I put images above hand-drawn strokes?

No, images always reside on a layer below the strokes.

How do I insert, select, and move images?

Insert an image by hitting the "place image" button. You can select from the camera or your photo library. Then you can move the image with one finger OR move, scale and rotate with 2 fingers. Existing images are selected by pressing and holding your finger somewhere in the middle of the image. You will see a blue border appear around the image and a menu will appear that will allow you to select that image.

When I hit the Edit button in Doceri's Project Viewer, grayed-out buttons appear at the bottom. Why can't I touch them?

The buttons at the bottom only become available when you select files. To select a single file or multiple files, just tap on them while in Edit mode. Then the toolbar items at the bottom will become available allowing you to perform the same action on all of the selected files (except for emailing which can only take one file at a time)

Can I play a video using Doceri and draw on top of it?

Yes and no. When connected to Doceri Desktop, you can start drawing on any image, even a video, but Doceri always takes a screen capture first. You can annotate the still captured image, but you can't annotate a moving one. So that your video doesn't keep playing in the background, you might want to pause the video first before annotating on top of it.

Can I insert an image from the Internet into my Doceri project?

Yes. You can use copy/paste to copy an image from your iPad's browser or save it to your Photo library. In the iPad browser just go to the image you want and press/hold the image. If it has 2 choices (Save Image and Copy) just select copy. Then go to Doceri and, while in a drawing, press and hold. When the menu comes up hit Paste. If it has more than 2 choices, just select "Save Image". This will save it to your Photo library. Then go to Doceri and insert the image with the toolbar "Place Image" menu.

Why do I sometimes only see one resolution size, instead of a list, when I try to create a new project?

If you are connected to a computer then the current resolution of that computer will be the only choice for creating a drawing.

I like the oval and rectangle tools, but can I draw a circle or square, or make perfect 90-degree angles?

Yes, you can engage "constrain mode" on the line, rectangle and ellipse tools by tapping a second finger down why you are dragging the shape. If you tap the second finger down again, you will go back to normal mode.

How can I change the names of the files in my Project Viewer?

Just tap on the file name right under the thumbnail. Note that you can't rename the currently open file. Just close it first then rename.

I like Doceri's default background options, like graph paper and chalkboard, but can I create some of my own?

Yes, you can take ANY current Doceri screen and make it into a background. So first, layout the lines/strokes/images that you want as part of the background. You can also set the base color, or even build upon the built-in Doceri backgrounds. Then, from the backgrounds toolbar button, select the 3rd tab at the bottom (custom). Then a + sign in the upper left hand corner will allow you to capture the current screen as a background image. Then you can use it as a background for any slide.

If you have a JPG or PNG on your computer that you want to turn directly into a background, connect your iPad to you computer and select it in iTunes, click the Apps tab, then scroll down to the bottom and select Doceri in the File Sharing area. Now any JPG or PNG files that you drag and drop into this area will be available as backgrounds the next time you launch Doceri.

When exporting a PDF, Doceri puts two slides on each page. Can I make one slide per page instead?

Yes, Doceri automatically formats the PDFs' with 2 over/under slides when you hold the iPad in the portrait orientation. To get only one slide per page, just rotate the iPad to the landscape orientation prior to exporting the PDF.

Can I type text on the screen instead of handwriting?

No, not quite yet. It is in the works for the next revision.

Doceri Desktop says Press ESC to exit annotation mode, but nothing happens when I do.

Sometimes on the Mac, you need to click on the screen first before hitting escape.

How can I get videos I've created out of Doceri?

There are several ways. Of course you can export through other apps installed on your iPad, such as Dropbox or Drive, or attach as an email, but if you want to get directly to the movie file, you can grab it out of the File Sharing area in iTunes (see above). Any file you see in this directory can be copied out by selecting it and clicking "Save to..."

Also, if you have any app on your iPad that opens Video files, you can simply tap on the video inside of Doceri and playback will start. Up in the right corner there is an export button that will bring up the "open in" menu. This will allow you to send the video to ANY app that has published its ability to work with video files.

I made a video and now I can't find it.

Videos that you created can be found under the record menu only when you are in the Doceri main drawing/control screen. Just tap on the REC button and a menu will come up that shows "My Recordings". You will find your videos there.

Where did Doceri put my drawing?

Doceri automatically stores new drawings on the iPad. If you don't see your drawing in the project manager (the button that looks like a folder) make sure that the selection at the top of the screen says "projects on iPad." If you don't find it there, check to see if you perhaps created it in a subfolder. The only time that Doceri saves files on the Doceri Desktop is when you specifically tell it to create a drawing while looking at the "Projects on Computer" selection at the top of the screen.

How do I get Doceri connected in Windows 7 when running parallels on my Mac?

First, make sure Parallels is configured to run in Bridged Network Mode in order to establish a proper connection. Second, make sure an exception for Doceri is added into the Windows Firewall. Finally, make sure the latest version of Java is installed and running in the Windows environment.

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