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What is the difference between a single-seat and multi-seat license key?


This answer is obsolete and retained for historical reference only due to the August 2022 retirement of Doceri Desktop. It is no longer possible to purchase a Doceri Desktop license key.

There is no difference in terms of functionality between a single-seat and a multi-seat license key.

A single-seat license key can be ordered online, it can be installed and registered on one computer.

A multi-seat license key is one license key with 2 or more seats or uses. You can use the same license key to register all computers up to as many seats as you have purchased.

A multi-seat license key cannot be purchased online. If you wish to order a multi-seat license key, see our help document, "How to Submit a Purchase Order."

The price is the same for single-seat vs. multi-seat licenses. For example, 10 each single-seat license keys would be the same price as 1 each multi-seat license key with 10 seats or uses.

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